Hit-and-Run Accident on Park Avenue in Worcester

Hit-and-Run Accident on Park Avenue in Worcester

A car accident can happen anywhere, even on roads that are less busy and smaller. Some car accidents can leave victims dealing with serious injuries, and the impacts can be long-lasting and negative. As such, all drivers need to do their best to remain attentive and drive cautiously, regardless of where they are driving. Hit-and-run drivers are acting particularly negligently and could be leaving victims behind to suffer, and these accidents can be hard to deal with.

On June 6, the Worcester Police Department responded to call they received about a hit-and-run accident. The accident was reported at approximately 5 in the evening, and emergency responders arrived on the scene shortly afterwards. The incident occurred on the 1st block of Park Avenue.

Once they arrived at the scene, emergency personnel found that some of the individuals involved in the accident had sustained injuries, and medical care was given to these individuals at the scene. The extent of the injuries is still being determined, and police are still investigating the crash.

Accidents and Injuries

Hit-and-run accidents can be extremely disgusting as they can leave victims behind to suffer from injuries sustained in the accident. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. When these accidents occur, drivers need to take accountability for their actions and help anyone who has been injured. Victims can seek assistance and compensation for their injuries so they can focus on moving ahead with their lives.

We at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman see the potentially devastating consequences of some car accidents as we help victims with their cases. We strongly ask that all drivers remember that their negligence actions can have deadly consequences. However we know that accidents can happen to even the safest drivers, so we are passionate about helping victims get the help they need to recover and heal.


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