Defective vehicles can increase risk of Boston car accidents

Purchasing a car is likely a big decision presuming the number of hours you spend in your vehicle per week. Like your home, you are looking for comfort as well as safe being during the hours that you spend in your vehicle.

The last thing we want is to purchase a vehicle to be followed by a recall notice a few months later that there is a defect in the car. Our Boston personal injury attorneys want to remind you to do your research prior to buying a vehicle so that you can make a well-informed decision.

It was recently announced that Toyota, one of the leading car producers, will pay penalties based on two different investigations for failure to report recalls on vehicle defects in a timely manner. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put Toyota Motor Corporation under investigation for the recall of two items. Ray LaHood, Secretary for US Transportation, stated “Safety is our top priority and we take our responsibility to protect consumers seriously.”

In 2007, Toyota recalled 55,000 vehicles due to a defect in the floor mats entrapping the accelerator pedal. Almost two years later there was a fatal crash in California involving a Lexus in which the floor mat, which was intended for another model, entrapped the gas pedal and lead to the crash. As a result, the NHTSA found that Toyota did not communicate the initial defect within the five business days that is required by law. To date, there have been almost 5 million vehicles recalled. Toyota will pay the maximum penalty of $16.375 million dollars to the Treasury Department’s general fund.

The second investigation resulting in a $16.05 million fine was with regard to failing to report defects in several Toyota models with steering rod malfunctions that caused a possible loss of steering control while driving. In 2004, Toyota recalled some truck models in Japan with this problem but reported no knowledge of this defect in any other models. Later, in 2005, Toyota admitted to the defect in several U.S. models and recalled over one million vehicles as a result. Consumer complaints of the defects led to the investigation by NHTSA where they found that Toyota did not comply with standards when it comes to recalling model defects in their vehicles.

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