Defective Products in Boston and Elsewhere Flying Under the Radar

Dangerous products find their way into the homes of many residents in the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, not many consumers are alerted to the dangers of these products and their recalls. Oftentimes, these recalls never even get to consumers until a fatal accident in Boston or elsewhere has already occurred, according to TIME.
Statistics show that about 90 percent of dangerous products stay in consumers’ homes. After being recalled, there are very few products are ever returned by consumers to the manufacturer for a refund or for the necessary repairs.

Our Boston defective product attorneys understand that our day to day lives are busy. We’ve got a lot to do and a seemingly little amount of time to do it. Still, there’s no excuse to bypass safety, there’s no excuse not to be up to date with the latest recalls and there’s no excuse to hang on to a dangerous product. Residents are encouraged to check out the recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission frequently. If you notice that you have a product that’s been thrown on the recall list, you’re strongly urged to get rid of it, to return it for a refund or take it back to the manufacturer for a repair. Keeping these items in your household and around your children is a quick recipe for disaster.

“We know that the majority of products that are recalled remain in consumers’ homes,” said the executive director Kids in Danger, Nancy Cowles.

Remember the furnaces that the CPSC recalled? There were about 200,000 recalled be federal officials. Still, more than 90 percent of the accident reports that were submitted were submitted after the recall. Consumers still decided to hang on to these furnaces long after they were deemed unsafe.

But why do consumers hang on to dangerous products?

-Because they feel that they won’t be affected by the risks or the dangers of the product. It’s the “bad things happen to other people, not me” complex.

-Because recalls happen all too often and they’ve lost their sense of urgency and the importance that they once had.

-Because consumers never hear about the recalls in the first place. Safety officials believe that there needs to be a more efficient way to spread the word.

You’ve got to be an active and engaged consumer and you need to stay up to date with the latest safety recalls if you’re going to help to protect your loved ones. It’s important to know what dangers lie in products before going shopping and long after. Knowledge is your key in this battle and it can help to prevent serious injuries to both you and your family members.

If you or someone in your family has been injured or killed because of a defective product accident in Boston or elsewhere in the state of Massachusetts, contact Personal Injury Lawyer Jeffrey S. Glassman to set up a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights. Call 877-617-5333 today!

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