Daycare Employer Arrested for Allegedly Tying Up Children

According to a recent story from KYTX News, a woman in Spring, TX was arrested for allegedly tying up two children in the classroom in which she worked. Authorities are reporting defendant was charged with unlawful restraining and injury to a child following the conclusion of their investigation.

PoliceLights.jpgThe authorities first became aware of a problem when two witnesses allegedly told police officers that they saw defendant tying up and injuring children while in her classroom at the daycare facility. It should be noted, these two witnesses were said to be referring to two separate incidents they apparently observed.

During one of these occasions, a witness told police she heard defendant screaming at a child who was not a student of defendant. The child was sitting in a chair with her hands tied together. The witness further alleged when she entered the classroom and defendant saw her, defendant untied the girl and sent her back to sit her normal spot in the classroom.

The girl who was an alleged victim of the incident told police her wrists were hurting where they had been tied and that defendant had tied up another student, as well. Both children were three years old at the time of the incidents in question.

During the other alleged incident in question, this witness said he was in the daycare building when he heard screaming and chanting coming from defendant’s classroom and went to see what was happening there. When he looked in, he saw defendant had tied up another student by her wrists, and the other students were walking around yelling, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Once daycare officials became aware of the allegations, they immediately terminated defendant’s employment. After daycare management fired her, authorities continued investigating the matter, and prosecutors recently sought a warrant, which led to her recent arrest.

In addition to firing defendant for her alleged child abuse, school officials say they were outraged by what occurred in their daycare facility and are urging the district attorney to prosecute their former employee to the fullest extent possible, as their greatest concern is for the health and safety of all children at the daycare center. It should be noted, defendant has not been convicted of any crime, and statements about her actions are merely allegations at this point.

As our Boston daycare injury attorneys can explain, a daycare is required by state law to perform thorough background checks on all employees and immediately report any abuse allegations to the police. Daycare management and employees are considered to be mandated reporters pursuant to state law.

If a daycare hires someone they know or should know could be a danger to the children, and an accident does occur, this can be used to establish the claims of negligent hire of a daycare employee. If they later learn of a problem and fail to take appropriate actions, they can be found civilly liable for negligent retention.

Even if the employee did not have any problem in the past, and daycare management fails to properly supervise an employee, the managers may be liable for a tort known as negligent supervision.

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