Childcare Workers Accused of Hitting Baby Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying

According to a recent news article from ABC News, a childcare worker is now in jail after being accused of hitting a 9-month-old child when that baby would not stop crying.  This particular defendant was running a childcare center out of her apartment.  While many childcare providers do so in an actual facility, it is not uncommon for people to bring their children to a childcare provider who operates a business out of his of her home.  While there may be licensing and inspection issues with doing so, this is something that happens in Boston and around the country on a regular basis, as childcare has become so expensive.

childWith respect to this case, prosecutors have said police first learned of this alleged situation when a neighbor saw the woman slapping a small child in the face multiple times.  This caused great concern for the witness, and she flagged down a police officer who was already in the area. This witness allegedly told the investigators that this was not the first time she had seen this woman being abusive towards the children in her care.  She alleged that she had seen defendant throw the baby across an apartment and that she was letting other tenants abuse the child.

Prosecutors also allege that this defendant was operating a childcare center without a permit. The local childcare licensing agency has opened an investigation into the 42-year-old woman’s business, but they did note that there had not been any previous complaints about this location in the past. It is standard practice to open an investigation when there has been a report of possible child abuse at a childcare center, as it is what has been alleged in this case.

One the other hand, some witnesses familiar with the situation have said this woman has always taken good care of her children and others in the past, and they do not know of her ever harming a child intentionally.  It should also be noted that, while the defendant has been accused of some very serious crimes, she is presumed innocent unless and until she is found guilty in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt by a judge or jury.

While we all hope that, when we drop off our children at a daycare facility, they will come home in the same condition that they were in when we dropped them off, our Boston personal injury attorneys have seen that this is not always the case.  There are some accidents that are truly accidents, and it is not anyone’s fault.  Children will be injured sometimes, no matter how careful we are, and they will also get sick.  It is also true that the vast majority of daycare workers care very much about children and would never do anything to harm a child under their care.

Unfortunately, there are those who act negligently and allow children under their care to become injured.  We have seen cases where unsupervised children suffer fall injuries, get injured by other students, or ingest chemicals and other poisons that never should have been near a child.

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Caretaker accused of hitting baby who wouldn’t stop crying, October 28, 2016, By Elissa Rivers, ABC News

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