Car Accident at Elm Street

Car Accident at Elm Street

Accidents that happen while in the car can be some of the most tragic events that happen in our communities. Drivers must remember this whenever they get behind the wheel. The impacts of car accidents can leave victims suffering from negative, detrimental injuries. Drives must follow traffic laws and look out for everyone else around them.

On June 1, the Worcester Police Dermatend reviewed information about a vehicle crash that appeared to involve two vehicles. The accident was reported around noon, and first responders arrived on this scene quickly afterwards.

Upon arrival at the scene on the 1st block of Elm Street, they found that at least one person had been injured in the collision, and so emergency medical care was administered. The extent of the injuries is still under review. However, no fatalities were reported. Police took statements from witnesses, and they secured the scene within the hour.

Injuries and Car Accidents

Car accidents can be dire, and they can leave victims suffering from injuries for many years. It is vital for all drivers to remember the duty of care they have to one another. When driving, we must all do our best to keep accidents from happening. When victims are injured, they can seek compensation and assistance for their injuries so they can move ahead and get back to their lives.

At the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we know how devastating some vehicle accidents end up being. As committed members of the community, we want our roads to be safe. However, we know that accidents can happen despite our best efforts, so we are committed to helping victims receive assistance when they need it.


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