Bus Accident Causes Injuries as Pipes Break Through Window

Bus Accident Causes Injuries as Pipes Break Through Window

An accident occurred Wednesday morning, May 2, 2018, when a bus collided with a work truck carrying pipes.  The accident happened near Bourne Bridge on MacArthur Boulevard.  It was around 8:00 am when the crash took place.


The Peter Pan bus was travelling from Woods Hole to Logan Airport, with stops in between at Bourne and Falmouth.  The accident took place in Cape Cod.

The work truck was carrying pipes, which broke through the windows of the bus when they collided.  The collision caused glass to shatter and fly everywhere.  Three people on the bus sustained injuries from the shattered glass, not from the pipes.

Falmouth Hospital received the three injured passengers which were transported via ambulance.  Their injuries were reported as minor injuries.  Another Peter Pan bus was dispatched to the scene to take all of the other passengers to the end of the route.

It took a while to clean up the accident and clear the streets, as a fuel spill happened during the crash.  The Department of Public Utilities is looking at the bus for any malfunctions and police are still investigating the crash.

Bus Crashes

Coach buses are a main source of transportation for many people, sometimes the only source of transportation.  For that reason, there are thousands of people who ride coach busses every year.  Bus crashes can be caused by many factors, such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, speeding, amongst other factors.  They can also be caused by equipment malfunctioning or poor maintenance from the company.

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