Boston Road Safety, Part 6: Pedestrians

Increasingly, a significant percentage of fatalities on our roadways involve pedestrian accidents in Boston and throughout the country.

According to the Safekids USA reports that other than the street, many young children are struck in driveways, parking lots and sidewalks.

The state’s highway safety division partners with WalkBoston to promote pedestrian safety in Boston. The non-profit promotes walking as a commuting option that is better for the environment, healthier for the workers and a cheaper alternative to a car, which can be costly in terms of gas and repairs.

But pedestrian safety must be a top priority.

SafeKids USA recommends the following actions by lawmakers to help make that a reality:

1. Reduce speed limits in residential areas.
2. Make sure pedestrians have adequate walkways.
3. Forbid vehicles from passing school buses while loading and unloading passengers.
4. Making sure there are enough crossing guards and ensuring pedestrians don’t cross the street anywhere other than designated crosswalks.

For parents, walking your child’s route to school with them can be a great way to become familiar with potential dangers they may face on the way to school, and to discuss with them how they can stay safe.

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