Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts Expected to Rise with Proposed T Fare Hikes

Just a week ago, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) announced it is discussing higher fares for travelers. That doesn’t excite Boston residents, and many more are expected to turn to bicycles to get around. Residents are urged to be careful when hitting the roadways, as more bicycle traffic increases risks for bicycling accidents in Massachusetts. By taking the proper safety precautions and using the new stretch of bike lanes within the city, we can all do our part to help keep all travelers safe.
Yes, biking through Boston may be a little easier now, as there’s a new stretch of bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue, according to the Boston Daily. The new stretch of bike lanes stretches all the way from Westand Avenue to the Charles River. Transportation officials nixed about 70 parking spaces to make room for the new lane.

Our Boston bicycle accident attorneys understand that biking in the city can be dangerous times. Transportation officials recently put in new bicycle lanes in between Melnea Cass and St. Botolph Street. Next, they’ll be looking to connect these lanes to Massachusetts Avenue and then later to Melnea Cass. Last summer, Mayor Tom Menino launched the New Hubway bike share program and declared Boston as a biking city. Hubway offers rented bicycles for residents and visitors throughout the city.

“The car is no longer king in Boston,” Menino told the paper.

This is fifth entry of a 6-part blog regarding New Year’s resolutions that motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians can take to make the roadways of Boston safer for everyone. In this entry, we will be discussing bicyclists and the resolution they can make to achieve this goal. It’s no doubt Boston was built for bikes. It’s important to make sure everyone is riding safely to help to reduce the risks of vehicle-bicycle accidents throughout the state.

To help get riders to bike safely, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is here to offer some safe bicycling tips.

Bicycle Safety Tips:

-Be cautious of the traffic around you. Roughly 1 percent of the traffic deaths in Massachusetts are bicyclists.

-Bicyclists should always follow the rules of the road.

-Always travel in the travel lane on the right. You never want to bike in between lanes.

-Be sure to stop at all stop signs and red lights. These traffic devices aren’t option for bicyclists.

-Be sure to always use turn signals and hand signals when moving through traffic,

-Ride in the same direction as other traffic. You don’t want to ride against traffic.

-You should equip your bikes with lights when riding at night.

-Avoid dooring – or being hit by a vehicle door – by staying out of the door zone. Steer clear of parked vehicles.

-Bicyclists under the age of 16-years-old are required by state law to wear a helmet. Everyone else is urged to do the same.

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