Appropriate insurance coverage for college students critical in even of a Massachusetts personal injury claim

Colleges and universities have a responsibility to keep campuses and dormitories safe for students, staff and visitors, but families also have a responsibility to protect their college-bound kids from personal liability as well.

With the Labor Day holiday over, students all over Massachusetts are packing up their cars and heading to school. According to a recent article in the Herald News, now is a good time for families to review their homeowner and auto insurance policies to make sure the kids, their stuff and their cars, are appropriately covered.

Our Boston personal injury attorneys realize that students and their families unknowingly can leave themselves at risk for personal injury liability. Unsafe dorm room conditions, a car accident, even engagement in “non-business pursuits” – like a pickup game of Frisbee-golf on the campus green space – all can leave families vulnerable to claims for property damage, even negligence, if insurance coverage doesn’t match an away-from-home student’s needs.

With that said, restrictions, standard limits and special requirements associated with individual homeowner insurance policies geared toward families with students away at school can fail to meet coverage needs. For students who have a higher-dollar property value associated with their dorm room or college apartment, investigating additional renter’s insurance can close their exposure gap.

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